SSL Certification

When question arise regarding security of your web site, EXAhost sell widespread SSL certification. You’ll be able to use SSL certification with our window web host service. Providing essential peace of mind for each web site homeowners and guests, SSL certificates signify first information protection and increase browsing confidence for your guests.

SSL stands for 'Secure Sockets Layer' is that the world-standard security technology for making an encrypted link between a server and a browser. Websites with SSL certificates guarantee trust and respect from visitors, as SSL technology guarantees stringent security checks are in place to protect private information. As a web site owner, you’re safe within the information that the SSL secure affiliation can profit each you and your guests by making certain vital data is unbroken hid. Having Associate in Nursing SSL certificate shows your guests you've got a trustworthy on-line presence and will increase sales.

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Buying any SSL certificate permits the https:// prefix for your web site and activates the universally-recognized yellow padlock displayed in browsers to point security.

Benefits of SSL Certification

Improve your ecommerce web site

An extremely encrypted SSL certificate can permit you to require on-line payments firmly while not a third-party merchandiser, reducing your prices and increasing payment choices for purchasers. Studies show that customers sometimes abandon on-line checkouts if the location does not seem secure.

Safeguard traveler information

If you raise guests for any personal details, you'll be able to shield them instantly with Associate in Nursing SSL certificate because the information is encrypted to stop the other parties obtaining access.

Store counseling firmly

Even if you're storing information instead of requesting it, Associate in SSL certificate prevents information being intercepted once it's being accessed by authorized users. If your web site needs a login for protected data, build it secure with SSL technology.

Benefit from first coding

Selecting a typical or Extended SSL certificate ensures Global Sign protection and therefore the reputation of your website.